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Advent Day 24: Xmas Ale

2015-12-17 19.42.28

ABV: 8.7% For the grand finale we’re doing another beer that I brewed, but this time instead of at home I brewed this at the brewery I work at. Xmas Ale by Beer Studio has a moderate sized tan head that fades after a bit and a deep brown body. The aroma is spicy and… Read more »

Advent Day 22: Brown Xmas

2015-12-15 19.19.20

ABV: 5.7% Mohawk’s Brown Xmas had no head to speak of and the colour of the beer is brown, as the name suggests. The aroma is nutty and slightly toasty and the flavour has a caramel sweetness, some nut character and some chocolate in it plus a hint of roastiness. The carbonation is low and… Read more »

Advent Day 19: Christmas Ale

ABV: 7% Shepherd Neame & Co. Faversham Brewery’s Christmas Ale is golden in colour with a small white head that disappeared almost as fast as it appeared. There is very little aroma and what is there is slightly sweet. The flavour is full of sulfur and has a lingering bitterness that is very unpleasant. The… Read more »

Advent Day 18: Santa’s Little Helper

2015-12-05 21.42.42

ABV: 10.5% Santa’s Little Helper by Port Brewing has a deep coffee brown head and the body is black. The aroma is chocolate and toffee with hints of coffee and roasted character. The flavour contains all of what you find in the aroma but has more of the roasted character, balancing out a sweet backbone… Read more »

Advent Day 17: The Red Slope

2015-12-17 16.26.23

ABV: 8.5% The Red Slope Imperial Red Ale by Remmarlöv Gårdsbryggeri has a large white head that lasted a little while before dying down and a reddish amber colour to the body. The aroma is a massive hit of fruit with some citrus and melon and hints of berries in it. The flavour is sweet… Read more »

Advent day 16: Fade to Black

ABV: 8.5% Fade to Black by Left Hand Brewing had a low brown head that slowly faded to the black of the the beer, and black it is. The aroma is rich and chocolately and sweet but with some roasted coffee notes to balance it out. The flavour is largely dark chocolate and coffee, the… Read more »

Advent Day 15: Stjärnfall Ale

2015-12-15 17.48.42

ABV: 7.5% Åbro Brygg’s Stjärnfall Ale has a small white head that fades quickly and is amber, slightly orange in colour. The aroma is lightly fruity but fairly weak in general and the flavour is bitter with some sulfur and a hint of apple juice. The carbonation is medium and the body is medium-light. Rating:… Read more »

Advent Day 13: Santa’s Little Helper

2015-12-13 13.52.30

ABV: 9.1% Mikkeller’s Santa’s Little Helper (not to be confused with the other Santa’s Little Helper appearing later) has a creamy whiteish head that didn’t last too long and a dark brown colour to the body. The aroma is mildly spicy and estery but not too strong and the flavour is roasted with some chocolate… Read more »