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Advent Day 24: Xmas Ale

2015-12-17 19.42.28

ABV: 8.7% For the grand finale we’re doing another beer that I brewed, but this time instead of at home I brewed this at the brewery I work at. Xmas Ale by Beer Studio has a moderate sized tan head that fades after a bit and a deep brown body. The aroma is spicy and… Read more »

Advent Day 13: Santa’s Little Helper

2015-12-13 13.52.30

ABV: 9.1% Mikkeller’s Santa’s Little Helper (not to be confused with the other Santa’s Little Helper appearing later) has a creamy whiteish head that didn’t last too long and a dark brown colour to the body. The aroma is mildly spicy and estery but not too strong and the flavour is roasted with some chocolate… Read more »