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My afternoon at Beer Studio

Beers of Beer Studio

Beer Studio is a local microbrewery in Umeå here in the North of Sweden. It is run by the well known beer journalist Darren Packman, founder of the Beer Sweden website. Darren regularly hosts beer tastings, which I’ve been to three of. At the end of the third tasting (which was a beer and cheese… Read more »

Pumpkin, dry hopping and bottling

2014-10-18 20.23.46

I’ve done three more brew days since the one I talked about in my all grain post so I’d like to talk about them a bit. The first one of those was a pumpkin red ale. Pumpkin Red Ale The pumpkin red (which turned out a nice red colour) was the first time I tweaked… Read more »

The first all grain brew.

I’ve done a few all grain beers now and have learned a fair bit about the process, including that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when we made our first one (an English strong bitter). Originally the recipe was going to be an English Special Bitter but it turned out so dark… Read more »

The First Brew

Today I’m going to talk about my first home brew adventure, which I actually embarked upon last spring. We opted to make a brown ale that went by the name ‘Summer Stout’. It was an extract beer which I picked as our first quite by accident. In retrospect an extract beer was exactly the right… Read more »