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Advent Day 18: Santa’s Little Helper

2015-12-05 21.42.42

ABV: 10.5% Santa’s Little Helper by Port Brewing has a deep coffee brown head and the body is black. The aroma is chocolate and toffee with hints of coffee and roasted character. The flavour contains all of what you find in the aroma but has more of the roasted character, balancing out a sweet backbone… Read more »

Advent day 16: Fade to Black

ABV: 8.5% Fade to Black by Left Hand Brewing had a low brown head that slowly faded to the black of the the beer, and black it is. The aroma is rich and chocolately and sweet but with some roasted coffee notes to balance it out. The flavour is largely dark chocolate and coffee, the… Read more »

Advent Day 20: Snowmelter


ABV: 11% Mohawk Snowmelter is I believe the strongest beer this advent season. With minimal light brown head that disappeared quickly this beer is quite dark. The aroma is of cigarette smoke and the body is much the same. If there are other tastes or smells they were heavily overpowered by the smokiness. The body… Read more »

Advent Day 11: Jule Stout

Jule Stout

ABV: 7.6% Probably the coolest thing about Midtfyns Bryghus Jule Stout is that the label actually has braille on it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that on a label before. Basically black in colour this beer’s head started as a deep coffee colour before fading to a creamy white colour. It was very thick… Read more »

Advent Day 5: Whiteout


ABV: 9.7% A black body and a coffee coloured head (the head is darker than it appears in the picture) this imperial stout by Mohawk (a Swedish nomad brewer) is not what you expect from a drink in this category. The first thing I noticed when pouring this beer was a very powerful grapefruit aroma… Read more »

The First Brew

Today I’m going to talk about my first home brew adventure, which I actually embarked upon last spring. We opted to make a brown ale that went by the name ‘Summer Stout’. It was an extract beer which I picked as our first quite by accident. In retrospect an extract beer was exactly the right… Read more »

Stout Day

Thornbridge Winter Imperial Stout

What better day to start blogging about beer than on Stout Day? To celebrate the first day of the blog and Stout Day I’m enjoying a bottle of Thornbridge Winter Imperial Stout, which is an Imperial Russian Stout. ABV: 7.4% Starting with a hint of chocolate in the aroma the Winter Imperial Stout is a… Read more »