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Advent Day 21: Gluhkriek

ABV: 6.0% Leifmans Gluhkriek is somewhat unique as beers go, best consumed at 80C. With a thick light pink head that disappeared quickly because I was pouring the beer from a saucepan to a mug the colour of the beer is a deep cherry red. Cherry is the name of the game in the beer… Read more »

Advent Day 20: Winter Lager

ABV: 5.5% Samuel Adams Winter Lager has a small white head that disappeared quickly and a clear amber colour to the body. The lager has a lightly fruity nose and the flavour has a sweet berry character to it. The body is light and the carbonation is medium-high. Rating: 3.25 / 5 – Extremely sweet… Read more »

IPA Day (Woah – an update!?)

August 6th this year is IPA day, so how better to celebrate than with one of my very own homebrews? Kohatu knockout is a double IPA that focuses on Kohatu hops, but also has a supporting cast of Chinook and Simcoe. The malt bill is simple but notable for Caracrystal wheat, which adds a rich… Read more »

Welcome to the Duke of Brew blog

Welcome to the Duke of Brew blog, where I will be blogging about my various beer activities. This will include my home brewing adventures as well as some of the beers I drink and anything else I find worthy of mention. I am new to reviewing beers and trying to distinguish various flavours and aromas,… Read more »