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Advent Day 13: Santa’s Little Helper

2015-12-13 13.52.30

ABV: 9.1% Mikkeller’s Santa’s Little Helper (not to be confused with the other Santa’s Little Helper appearing later) has a creamy whiteish head that didn’t last too long and a dark brown colour to the body. The aroma is mildly spicy and estery but not too strong and the flavour is roasted with some chocolate… Read more »

Advent Day 5: XMAS WISH

2015-12-05 20.21.08

ABV: 5.5% Gluten free beers are difficult to brew which makes Mikkeller’s XMAS WISH an intriguing beer to try. With an off-white head that didn’t last too long and a hazy amber body this beer has a mildly hoppy and citrusy nose to it. The flavour is crisp with a moderate bitterness to it and… Read more »

Advent Day 21: Til Fra Via

Til Fra Via

ABV: 8% Til Fra Via by Mikkeller is a thick smoky porter with a black body and a dark chocolate coloured head with mediocre head retention. This beer has a strong sweet-smoky aroma and has a dry smoky body with mild malt bitterness to it. The mouthfeel is very thick and carbonation is medium. Rating:… Read more »