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Advent Day 22: Brown Xmas

2015-12-15 19.19.20

ABV: 5.7% Mohawk’s Brown Xmas had no head to speak of and the colour of the beer is brown, as the name suggests. The aroma is nutty and slightly toasty and the flavour has a caramel sweetness, some nut character and some chocolate in it plus a hint of roastiness. The carbonation is low and… Read more »

Advent Day 7: Midvinternattens Mörker

2015-12-07 20.18.13

ABV: 6.2% Midvinternattens Mörker by Mowak brewing has a light cream head that lasted a couple of minutes before disappearing entirely and a dark red-brown body. The aroma is full of spices, with cloves and cinnamon and hints of orange amongst other things. The flavour is malty overlayed with the spices that come through so… Read more »

Advent Day 20: Snowmelter


ABV: 11% Mohawk Snowmelter is I believe the strongest beer this advent season. With minimal light brown head that disappeared quickly this beer is quite dark. The aroma is of cigarette smoke and the body is much the same. If there are other tastes or smells they were heavily overpowered by the smokiness. The body… Read more »

Advent Day 5: Whiteout


ABV: 9.7% A black body and a coffee coloured head (the head is darker than it appears in the picture) this imperial stout by Mohawk (a Swedish nomad brewer) is not what you expect from a drink in this category. The first thing I noticed when pouring this beer was a very powerful grapefruit aroma… Read more »